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Carelancer: Work-life balance on your terms

What We Do to Support You

  • Managed Billing Services

  • Dedicated Customer Service

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Payout Statements

Maximize Your Earnings, Your Way

  • Set Your Pricing

  • Customize Your Services

  • Choose Your Work Area

  • Deduct Business Expenses

Manage Everything in One Place, Easily

  • Browse jobs

  • Adaptable Schedule

  • Efficient Communication Tools

  • Integrated Note-Taking

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Why join Carelancer as a Service Provider?

Carelancer provides a solution for those seeking extra income or considering a career change due to increasing living costs. Whether enhancing your current job or venturing into self-employment, Carelancer allows you to work on your terms. It empowers you both financially and in directing your life's journey.

Put your energy where it matters

Manage your schedule effortlessly and set your preferred rate. Specify the days and hours you’re available to work. Enjoy the flexibility to offer services for one-time appointments, recurring appointments, or both, depending on your preferences.

Your patients, your choice

Select clients and job opportunities aligning with your skills and preferences. Browse available jobs, apply, and be contacted by those interested in your profile. All based on your skills, experience, and work preferences.

Seamless Communication

Effortlessly connect with your service seekers through video calls or direct messages using our secure in-app messaging service. Stay organized with our integrated note-taking feature, ensuring you can keep track of important details at all times.