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Our dedication to
ensuring safety

Our commitment

All healthcare providers registered with Carelancer undergo a thorough verification process, and all patient data is encrypted and stored securely.

  • Certification

    Nurses and PSWs are required to submit proof, such as the active registration license number for nurses, and PSWs provide their certificates or registration ID.

  • Data Protection

    Carelancer prioritizes the security of your data. All information is encrypted and stored with the utmost care to ensure confidentiality.

  • Secure Payments

    Our secure contactless payment system, powered by Stripe, ensures a quick and easy booking experience while guaranteeing the utmost security for your personal information.

  • Background Check

    All healthcare professionals undergo a comprehensive background check to prioritize safety.

  • Insurance

    To offer services on Carelancer, care providers must present tangible evidence of insurance coverage, showcasing their eligibility to practice.

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