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10 video interview tips that will help you succeed

Did you know that our appearance has a huge impact on our hireability? Preparing for this interview may help you build confidence in yourself and your answers. When you have a video interview scheduled, there are some steps you can take to create the ideal conditions to flourish in your interview. Here are our tips to help you shine.

Preparation is key

As with all interviews, a little preparation goes a long way. Practice answering questions you’re expecting to be asked, like, what drew you to the profession? What makes you a good caregiver? Why home care in particular? Your interviewer is looking for someone who is sincere and passionate about the job, all you have to do is show them that that’s you.
Always have a pen and paper to hand to jot things down. Or if you’re using the Carelancer app, keep the Note Taking section open when you’re on the call.

Dress for success

Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable – clean scrubs are fine. If possible, wear something relatively plain that won’t be overly distracting on camera. You could even do a trial run by video-calling a family member or friend who can tell you (truthfully) how you look on screen. It’s best to keep makeup and jewelry to a minimum. Avoid anything dangly - the clanging of an earring or bracelet at odd intervals can be quite jarring!

Test your mobile device

We cannot stress this enough: leave adequate time before an interview to test your technology. Save time and future embarrassment by ensuring that everything is set up correctly. Ask yourself: is my computer fully charged? Is the equipment I’m using connected to my device? And am I connected to the internet? This may seem like overkill, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Do a quick speed check. Visit a random website to see how quickly images and videos load. If they’re up and running in no time, your internet connection should be fast enough to ensure there won’t be delays on the call.

Choose your location wisely

The location of your interview matters. Unlike face-to-face interviews, you are in charge of your surroundings. Make a great impression and set yourself up for success by curating an appropriate interview backdrop. Choose a quiet location where no one will disturb you. You will likely be discussing personal and private information so it’s important that no one overhears your conversation.
Choose a location with a plain backdrop, or somewhere with minimal visual distractions. The interviewer’s focus should be on you, not your decor. If you live with pets, consider having them safely secured in another room - perhaps even with a little treat to keep them quiet! If you decide to take the call in the car, ensure your vehicle is parked in a quiet and safe area.

Light it up

This sounds like a given, but it’s important that your interviewer can see who they’re talking to. Unless you’re sitting in a room filled with natural light (ideally beside a big bay window on a beautiful sunny day), position the light source to be directly facing you. This will ensure that your face is well lit.

Got a headset handy? Use it!

Earphones and headsets are great for audio quality. They also create the impression that you’re giving the interviewer your full, undivided attention.

Master the mute button

Familiarize yourself with the mute button. Your interviewer doesn’t need to hear a parcel being delivered or your cat spitting up a hairball. Just remember to unmute yourself when you’re ready to continue acing the interview.

Perfect your posture

First impressions matter. Want your interviewer to think you’re confident and qualified right off the bat? Show them through your posture. Sit up straight, with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your arms resting gently by your side. Don’t forget eye contact either. It’s hard to maintain eye contact when your interviewer isn’t in the same room as you. Look directly into the camera lens when you’re talking. This simulates face-to-face conversation and oozes confidence.


It’s hard not to warm to someone with a great smile. Caregiving is all about compassion, so reveal your approachable side by flashing your interviewer a winning smile.

Relax, it’s just a call

When it comes down to it, this is a conversation to see if you and a potential care-receiver click. You’re not just looking for a job, but for someone you’ll look forward to seeing. So take a deep breath and try to remain calm. Again, this is just a conversation. Try and make the most of it.